Cloud Hosting Your Office

Quite simply, we will provide you with fully managed hardware stack on our bullet-proof cloud hosting infrastructure for you to run servers for public access, for your teams to use as their working environment or as a co-location as part of your disaster recovery, or for centralisation.

Historically, businesses had all their IT infrastructure on-site at their various locations. This caused problems should the site go down, as there was no rapid means to getting back up and running. Co-location existed to fill the void to provide those businesses with the budgets to do so, some within a data centre in which to put their hardware, for provide essential services. Typically, maintenance of that infrastructure came down to the client and there was the requirement for capital expenditure, say, every 5 years, together with the migration costs each time.

We have gone a step further though, and we will offer you Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Now you don't worry about hardware maintenance, backups, resilience, redundancy, server licensing. We can even provide you with complete support for the servers and applications, and even your users. We can provide you with a completely managed solution where you don't have to think about anything: Key advantages available.

  • No expensive investement in hardware
  • Total redundancy & resiliance
  • No hardware maintenance
  • Full backup, hourly, daily, weekly
  • 1GB connection
  • Linkage to you other sites for 'co-location'
  • Simplified server licencing - it's free!
  • Buy support as part of a fully managed solution
  • Reduced Management costs, compared to in-house IT
  • Create a workspace for your geographically disparate workforce

Customise Your Cloud

Choose the total amount of resource you require for all your servers, and specify for how many of them you require support, and at which level.  Windows Server licensing is included as standard, at no extra cost. We can also provide and RDS (Remote Desktop Services licenses you require). Once we receive your order, we can take more details as to how you wish to divide your resources between the different servers.

If you have a requirement for more resource than is offered via the wizard or if you have more specific requirements, then please get in touch.

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RDS Licenses
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What Are Other People Are Saying?

 Redwax provide a professional, efficient and very helpful service. We were having problems with our website and emails before switching to Redwax but are happy to say everything has been running smoothly since! 

Mend Physio


 I have been using Redwax since I set up my business over three years ago. I have found them very professional, approachable, friendly and always react promptly with any enquiry or question that I have. I have not had any problems and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for a reliable hosting company. 

Rob, The Business Uni

UK Hosted Exchange

 Redwax Cloud Hosting seamlessly switched from our old email server to the new hosted one without any disruption to our business. Since migration (approx. 12 months ago) it hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled our business to enjoy endless email communications (both mobile and desktop), providing assurance regarding the safety of our data. 

Mike Hopkins, Managing Director, Storm Geomatics

UK Exchange Hosting

 BAFI migrated its hosted email Exchange service to Redwax just over a year ago as it was experiencing unacceptable downtime from its current provider. Since then we have had no downtime and Alex and his team have always processed our requests for changes in our email accounts promptly and efficiently, whilst giving the support to new associates to enable them to get up and running quickly. We would have no hesitation in recommending them. 

James Kydd, Partner, Business Angels Finance International LLP